Quaker 3 Minute Steel Cut Oats


 Mornings during the week are often rushed until Patrick gets out the door. Patrick is not a morning person and always has trouble getting up on time. When Jace gets up a little while later he is ready to eat right away. Recently we tried Quaker 3 minute Steel Cut Oats.

It is amazing.

It is fast to make. Only takes 3 minutes in the microwave then you just wait until it thickens to how you like it. Since it is made with steel-cut oats it seemed to be thicker anyway.  The oats are cut instead of rolled which gives the oatmeal a heartier nutty flavor.

Jace is a picky eater and wants his breakfast right when he wakes up in the morning. I throw it in the microwave while I’m making my coffee in the morning. I’m able to have Jace’s breakfast ready and in front of him just a few minutes after he wakes up and to a mommy of a almost 2 year old that is really important.

I usually like my oatmeal with a little sugar and milk. But since we tried the one with blueberries and cranberries it was sweet enough without adding sugar. I really liked not having to add sugar and I loved how the berries flavored the oatmeal. There was plenty of berries in the package also. Unlike other oatmeal there was almost a berry in every bite.

Since Patrick is almost always late his go to breakfast is usually pop tarts in the car. Quaker 3 minute oatmeal gives him the option to have something warm before he leaves for work.

I received this product free to try and review from BzzAgent and Quaker.

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