How Did Two Years Go By So Fast?

Jace turns two this Thursday. Saturday we had a birthday party for him at the park. He had a lot of fun. I stayed up late Friday making a minion birthday cake for him. At first I had planned on making a Lego cake but we changed it at the last minute. Jace saw a minion piñata at Target and freaked out so we decided to change his theme. Unfortunately the cake did not survive the 1.5 hour trip so we ended up buying a cake from the grocery store and adding hot wheels. He still loved it.

I never realized how fast two years could fly by until now. We almost have a two-year old in the house and that thought blows my mind. How did two years go by so fast? Wasn’t he just waking up all night and learning to crawl and walk. Has he really been walking for a year?

Patrick found some cute zip up pajamas on clearance at Target a few weeks ago. They are 2T and he kept asking me every night if I had washed them. To be honest they sat in the Target bag for almost a week because I thought it was pointless to wash them. They were too long for him. He wasn’t in a 2T yet. Finally I had room in the wash and remembered to put them in and the next night Patrick decided to put them on Jace. And. They. Fit. Of course he is super cute in them. He loves the zip up footed pj’s. But as I watched him dance in front of the mirror in them I was a little sad. When did he get so tall? How did I miss it? What else have I missed?

    Patrick and I have been throwing the idea around for a few months now about having another baby. We always wanted lots of babies and when we were talking about Jace’s 2nd birthday we also talked about how we were both surprized how our plans have changed.  We originally both wanted to have 2 under 2. We wanted them close in age. We both still want more kids but we are happy with it just being the three of us also. 🙂

My blog has been having some minor issues that I think I have finally gotten fixed. apparently one of my files got corrupted and I had no clue what to do. I reach out to a guy I purchased my theme from on Etsy and he helped me fix it. I totally recommend Luca Logos on Etsy. He was amazing and helped me out when he really didn’t have too!


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