Backyard Fun

Yesterday we worked on the backyard. Mowed and tilled the garden. We are making it a little bigger this year. Hopefully the squash will be a little more shaded so they don’t get scorched by the sun like they did last year. I’m hoping to pick up some more plants and seeds this evening. 

We also set up the fire pit we won a few years ago! 😂 And then we burned our chopped up Christmas tree and branches that have been sitting in a pile waiting for one of the two brush collection days we get a year. Things like that is what makes me miss the small country town I grew up in. Whenever you decided to cut branches you put the out and the truck magically turns up in a few days and picks them up. In San Antonio if you miss one of the two days they pick up you have to pay… or chop them up and hide them in your backyard until the next time. 

We also found some cheap patio furniture to put on our small slab. It’s not much but I’m pretty excited about having a table and chair to sit in while the kids are playing in the yard. Now we just have save to buy a BBQ pit and we will be set this summer. 

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