3 Hour Glucose Test

Yesterday I had to take the 3 hour glucose test. I read before hand that some women get sick but didn’t think too much of it. Patrick decided to come with me. I think I made him nervous by telling him about how people had trouble keeping it down.

Well it was a good thing he took off work and came.  About 30 minutes after drinking the horrible fruit punch flavored drink and my first blood draw I started to feel a little funny. I stood up to use the bathroom and almost passed out. I ended up laying on Patrick in the waiting room then asking if there was somewhere I could go to lay down. They found me an empty exam room and we got to spend the rest of the test there. It was kind of embarrassing but it ended up being pretty nice just lying around in the empty room. After the first hour I started to feel a lot better but still not great.

After the test we went home and picked up Jace and my brother Frank and went to grab lunch. I think at that point I started to crash from all the sugar and we decided to just go home and take a nap. So we get home and Jace is running around the couch and he slips in cat puke… Anyone else have a cat that pukes on the floor at LEAST once a week? Of course it had to of happened at the worst time. So we clean Jace and the floor up and then took a family nap for over 2 hours!

Yesterday was really just one of those days where nothing was going right. I’m trying to prepare myself for possibly failing the 3 hour test and having gestational diabetes. While I think I’m pretty healthy it seems like these things like to happen to me.

Today was much better! We took Jace to see the Minion movie finally! He did really good. It is only the 2nd movie we have taken him to in an actual theater and I’m always expecting him to run around like crazy. He sat in his seat or on one of our laps almost the entire movie and did really well.

Jace3 hour test3 hour test

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