10 Things You Can Throw Out Right Now

Today Jace and I spent the afternoon taking all the ornaments and lights off the Christmas tree. I love having it up and would totally leave it up year round if the tree wouldn’t catch fire. And I need the room. 

Well cleaning up got me thinking about all the stuff I want to do around the house. Most of which require Patrick to build something. So I made a honey-do list for him. 

Lately I’ve been trying to declutter the house. I’m tried of it being so messy and hard to clean. Here is some things I’ve already gone through. 

10 Things You Can Throw Out Or Donate Right Now

1. Broken toys. This took up so much room! Since we have Rylie I’m saving a lot of toys Jace outgrew but I threw away all the ones missing pieces or were broken. 

2. Old Clothes. I don’t even want to think about all the clothes we ended up donating. 🙈 I did save the baby clothes that was worth sticking back for any future kids but Patrick and I were apparently still hoarding clothes that we would should of threw away 5 years ago. Just throw away those socks with holes! 

3. Expired Cans/Food. You know all that stuff that got shoved to the back of the cabinet… We had like 3 boxes of expired Hot Cocoa and Oatmeal. 

4. Random Container and Jars. I had an assortment of old pickle jars and tubawear that no longer had lids. Along with a drink bottle from Six Flags from before we had kids that was laying on it’s side on the top shelf cause it was big and awkward. 

5. Old Beauty Products. Old nail polish, make up, and creams. 

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