Flavor Your Life

I use olive oil ALL the time when I cook. Sometimes I use it in recipes, to sauté veggies, and even as dressing for salad. My favorite way has to be when I’m cooking vegetables but you can really taste the difference in the salad dressing between brand that you use. 

I was lucky enough to try Zucchi 1810 100% Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil recently and it was amazing. 

The maker Oleificio Zucchi started in 1810 in the area near Lodi in northern Italy as a small family business. Since then it has grown significantly but still takes the time to find and create the best blends of Oil. 

Right now my youngest child loves broccoli. And the simplest way to cook it is with a little Olive Oil. I love knowing that she is getting the best ingredients in the food that she eats. 

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