What Goes Around Comes Around…

After we lost Hershey last week we tried our best to have a fun weekend. We didn’t want to be stuck in the house with his medicines all over the counters, collar and leashes hanging by the door, or his empty kennel sitting in the corner by the back door. I’m still slowly picking up his things and putting them away but my eyes go often to that empty corner. We took Jace to Schlitterbahn for a few hours Friday and we took him to McDonald’s for the first time Saturday. Jace loves minions and McDonald’s had minion toys in the kid’s meal since the movie just came out. He had a blast running around playing with the kids. And he loved that there were minions on everything!

Unfortunately I”m pretty sure he picked up a stomach bug there and before sunrise Sunday morning we were all camped out on blankets in the living room floor because Jace had puked on every sheet set in the house. We eventually got back in our bed and slept till noon before it started again. I guess what goes around comes around because by Monday night my younger brother and I had it. Patrick has an amazing immune system and hardly ever gets sick but he even got a milder form of it. I got to say I’m jealous of how fast he gets over illnesses if he even gets sick at all. Poor Jace seems to have gotten his immune system from his momma… He seems to finally be all better and I’m hoping for a nice weekend.

We will probably be headed to Schlitterbahn at least one day this weekend. We are planning on setting up our little table at the flea market on Sunday to hopefully get caught up on some bills. We have a pretty tight budget that we try to stick to most of the time but when we have things like unexpected high vet bills it definitely makes things tighter.

I have some exciting news to share in my next post! I’m hoping to get it up in the next few days!


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