Tiana’s Place on the Reimagined Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder recently got a major update. We were lucky enough to be one of the first few cruises out of Galveston on it. It was simply amazing. One of the new additions was Tiana’s Place.  It was my favorite restaurant out of the 3 restaurants part of the rotational dining. The atmosphere was upbeat and very kid friendly. Jace LOVED all the dancing and live music. And it was beautiful.  Since we went on a 7 night cruise[Read more]


Right now I’m watching my newly one year old attack a box of Pampers and possibly eating lint off of the couch. At this moment he isn’t crawling all over my like a jungle gym so I glanced at Facebook and saw that one of our friends and his wife just got back from celebrating another anniversary on some island again. The hubby and I have our 4 year anniversary coming up in June and we still haven’t been on[Read more]