Healthy Egg Scramble

Saturday I picked up an assorted bag from the farmers market. I haven’t gotten to cook much since Jace has been sick so I was excited to actually get to use some of the items. I wanted to use some of the fresh eggs and veggies so here it is. Healthy Egg Scramble Olive oil Eggs Sausage chopped Grape tomatoes cut in fourths Kale chopped Spinach chopped Minced garlic Milk Sea salt Pepper Coat the skillet with olive oil. In[Read more]

Easy Spaghetti Squash

We have been wanting to try eating healthier and I love making new things. He problem is Patrick is an extremely picky eater. He likes meat, potatoes, and fruit. He will only eat canned green beans and likes his corn mixed in with his mashed potatoes. Which can make eating healthier a little more difficult. I love veggies and salad but he hates them. Jace is also starting to become a little picky. He loves pasta. And I’m pretty sure[Read more]

Easy Healthy Crock pot Chicken and Rice

Everyone loves a crock pot meal. They always seem to be so simple and everything always comes out so tender and yummy. I’ve been trying to come up with some healthy meal ideas for my family and a few weeks ago I just threw some things in the crock pot and it turned out so good! We have had it several times since then and I wanted to share the recipe. Chicken breasts (i used frozen but I’m sure fresh[Read more]