I haven’t written on here in about a month. I have a ton of unpublished drafts about what has been going on but none of them are finished. Most are just random posts that don’t go anywhere because I haven’t felt like writing lately.

We have all been feeling pretty blah around here lately. Earlier this week Jace had a random fever for about two days. It came on right before bedtime one night and stuck around for the next day. As soon as it broke Jace went back to be his wild and crazy self. He loves to run and play and it was great to see him up and running again.

 I’m hoping we all feel better after we have a little mini vacation. We are trying to plan a little beach trip with just the three of us in the new couple of weeks. We are also planning on splurging and getting Schlitterbahn season passes for the summer. We want somewhere Jace can have a lot of fun this summer. Patrick and I had passes a few years ago and it was really fun. We went on the rides before the crowds showed up and then the rest of the season just enjoyed the pools. This time I’m sure we will be sitting in the kid’s slash areas most of the time. It is funny how when you become parents different things sound just as fun as things you used to do. Watching Jace had a blast playing sounds tons more fun that waiting in line for a 2 minute ride that I’ve been on a hundred times.

Today I was playing Lego’s with Jace and the tv was on and a Disney World commercial came on. Jace looked up from building his tower and watched it and kept saying “WOAH!”. When it was over he looked over at me and said “Let’s go!” I laughed but he was really serious. He got up and went to the door and then came back and grabbed my hand and kept saying “Let’s Go” then he started getting really upset because he really wanted to go. I never thought he would be asking me this early to go to Disney. I sent Patrick a text and video of him asking to go and we both agreed we have to get him passes to Schlitterbahn soon. It broke my heart seeing how upset he was about not getting to go right then.


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