Spider-man Halloween

Time has been flying by… I’ll be 32 weeks on Wednesday and we aren’t ready at all. We have been so busy with doctors appointments, work, and all the other little projects we have going on we haven’t gotten much done around the house. When I was pregnant with Jace we had everything planned. This time it feels like everything is up in the air. We STILL haven’t decided on a name. We seem to be stuck between two that we both like but we can’t seem to just pick one. With Jace we had boxes of diaper waiting and I had already washed the tons of clothes we had for him. To be honest we have like 10 newborn outfits for her currently sitting in a pile of laundry that I haven’t gotten to yet and all the baby stuff from Jace is piled in closets and our spare catch all bedroom.

As it gets closer and closer to time I’m starting to feel more nervous. The only night that I’ve spent away from Jace was the night he was born and was in NICU overnight. I’m sure he is going to handle the time away from me better than I am, but I can’t help but worry about it all. Jace seems so excited about the baby coming but I’m not sure what he is going to be feeling when he realizes the baby is staying.

I passed my 3 hour glucose test!!! Yay!! But since I failed the one hour they are going to be doing a growth ultrasound in a week or so to check on things. Maybe this time we will actually get to see her face. I’m hoping she is head down by then but I’m pretty sure she is head up right now.

Jace Who gave the baby coffee

Jace loved Halloween this year! I wish Patrick and I would of had time to dress up with him like we did last year but he still had a blast! He said trick or treat to everyone and thank you when they gave him candy. He was the cutest Spider-man and loved wearing the mask. His bucket started to get heavy but every time we asked if he wanted one of us to hold it he informed us that it was his. 🙂 I can’t wait for all the holidays this year. He is finally old enough to really enjoy them. I’m hoping that this little girl decides to make her appearance before Christmas and not actually on any holidays!

Jace's Halloween Bucket I made him!
Jace’s Halloween Bucket I made him!

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