Sick Toddler = No Fun

If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know Jace has been sick. It was a rough week.

Last Tuesday Jace woke up from his nap with a fever. Advil brought it down but by Wednesday evening it had gotten much worse. Still had a fever with Advil and I started alternating it with Tylenol. He was crying, holding his ears, and wouldn’t play. Most of the day was spent laying in my lap.

Thursday at the doctors, we found out his ears were a little red but not too bad. His doctor said he had the biggest tonsils she had ever seen. They were inflamed with white patches. She seems pretty surprised when the strep test came back negative along with the others. She decided that it was probably just a nasty virus but gave him antibiotics since his ears were bothering him. While they weren’t very red looking they tested his ear pressure and his ear drum wasn’t moving as it should.

That night was the hardest. I had to set an alarm to give him either Tylenol or advil every three hours or his fever that he couldn’t shake would spike really high. We did tons of things to keep it down.

Yesterday he started doing better and he hasn’t had any Advil since last night! I’m so glad to have him acting normally again! Sick toddlers really aren’t any fun. Today we played outside for a while and just enjoyed our day.

I’m looking into a good probiotic to start him on, if anyone has a favorite late me know!





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