A couple of weeks ago we went on a roadtrip with the kiddos. It was amazing! We tried to head in the general direction that we did 7 years ago on our honeymoon. 

I’m planning on writing a few more detailed posts about the places we visited but we went to Colorado then headed to Vegas. 

Colorado was a nice change from this Texas heat that is cooking us this summer. It is so beautiful there. But be careful about what dirt road you decide to drive down in the forest while looking for a place to have a picnic. You might end up driving down a mountainside dirt road for an hour with no way to turn around… Patrick loved it… I thought we were all about to die. We ended up eating in the car on the side of the road when we made it to safety! Patrick was still begging to turn around and drive it again. We hiked, played in the snow, and saw the most amazing places. 

Vegas was fun! It has the heat without the humidity. We got to take the kids to see some neat things there as well. Jace loved all of the cool buildings and the fountains. Rylie loved the lights and they both liked riding on the chocho (monorail). And Patrick and I got to spend some time together while the kids were sleeping upstairs with Uncle Frank watching them. 

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