Easy Spaghetti Squash

We have been wanting to try eating healthier and I love making new things. He problem is Patrick is an extremely picky eater. He likes meat, potatoes, and fruit. He will only eat canned green beans and likes his corn mixed in with his mashed potatoes. Which can make eating healthier a little more difficult. I love veggies and salad but he hates them. Jace is also starting to become a little picky. He loves pasta. And I’m pretty sure[Read more]

Pushing Boundaries

Jace can no longer be contained anywhere…not in his pack n play, or any other baby safe places that we set up around the house. Turn away for a second and he is laying on the back of the couch laughing about to land on the other side while mommy rushes to grab a leg or an arm before it disappears on the other side. And he thinks it’s hilarious. Of course, he hasn’t actually landed on the other side[Read more]

Loss and Life

My grandma has been gone a week. A whole week and I still don’t really believe it. Yesterday we buried her ashes. And when I say we buried her, I really mean WE actually buried her. I didn’t know it was actually possible to do it ourselves but I guess when there isn’t an actual body they let you do it however you want. We even dug the hole. Well Patrick, my little brother Frank, and my cousins hubby dug[Read more]

This week has been exhausting. On Monday we lost my grandma. She had been in the ICU for 9 days and everyone was saying that she didn’t have good chances. I did not believe them. They didn’t know her. She is one of the toughest people I know. She raised my mom and my aunt basically alone and while they didn’t have the best childhood she did the best she could. After surviving the car accident that killed my Aunt[Read more]

Just a short update

We haven’t had much time at home lately. Our weekends have been spent visiting family and last night I think we found an hour to sit and watch tv together. My grandma has been in the ICU for over a week. She had a heart attack and since then everything seems to be on a slippery slope. We drove down when we heard and got to the hospital around 2 AM that first night. Since then we have been spending[Read more]

Shots suck!

Jace had his first trip to the dentist this week along with his 15 month check up. My baby is 15 months old!?! Where did the time go?!? He didn’t cry at all during his shots but he didn’t like them. And since then he has been having a rough time. Fevers and just not feeling well at all. Last night his fever just kept climbing higher. Around 3 am we put him in the tub to try to get[Read more]

Home Depot Penny Items

So if you came across this you probably know a little about penny shopping.  The more common store to do this at is Dollar General but penny shopping at Home Depot is totally different. Unlike Dollar General, Home Depot does NOT have a penny policy. This means that if they notice that it is ringing up a penny they have every right to take it away from you and refuse sale of the item. How To Find Penny Items Look[Read more]

Fun in the Sun!

Last Wednesday we took Jace to Schlitterbahn. He. Had. A. Blast. Patrick and I had season passes a few years ago and decided we would have more fun taking Jace and not going on any big rides.  We also HATE lines so we probably wouldn’t have gone on them anyway. The first thing we took him on was the raging river tube shoot.  Those of you that have been to Schlitterbahn know that it  is the longest ride there.  It is[Read more]

Creamy Crock Pot Potato Soup

We made potato soup yesterday since I had most of the ingredients anyway. It’s been a while since I made it and Jace loved it!   Ingredients 4-6 large potatoes cut into fourths 1/2 large onion chopped 2 stalks of celery chopped 1/4 cup flour 1 cup whole milk 2 cans chicken broth 3 or 4 stripes of bacon Salt and pepper to taste Throw the potatoes, onion, celery, and chicken broth into the crock pot for about 5 hours[Read more]

Easy Pork Tenderloin

While there are many ways to make pork tenderloin the easiest has to be with using Italian dressing. The best thing is that you don’t need many ingredients. We made this for dinner last night. Patrick has been wanting it lately and it goes really well with mashed potatoes which Jace REALLY likes. 🙂 Sometimes we eat it plain or on bread but I think our favorite way is on warm tortillas with cheese.   Easy Pork Tenderloin Pork tenderloin Light[Read more]