Long Week

Yesterday I think I finally got my wordpress app working again. For awhile it hasn’t let me save or upload any postings. Since I do most of my blogging on my phone it slowed things down.

I just finished with my 32 week appointment! I go again in another two weeks but it seems she might have finally flipped head down. I’m getting an ultrasound at 36 weeks to check her growth and and to make sure she is head down.

Pregnancy insomnia is hitting me in full force. 😓 I’m not a fan. When I had it with Jace is didn’t bother me so much but now that I know how little sleep I’ll be getting when she gets here it annoys me that I can’t sleep now! I lay awake trying one side then the other. Then when I finally fall asleep I wake up to heartburn. It’s not fun but at least she will be here soon.

This week has been really hectic. We have been dealing with the car insurance company since Patrick got hit on the way to work a few weeks ago. I hate when company’s try to give you the run around instead of straight answers. It finally seems like we got everything finished even though we aren’t very happy with the outcome we are glad that we don’t have to wait hours on hold to talk to them anymore.

Our community mailboxes keep getting broken into and they got into ours this week also. It’s pretty frustrating that it keeps happening over and over again. Until recently there wasn’t really much crime in the area that we live in. Even though we are in San Antonio we haven’t had any problems around us. My neighbors are really into community awareness and prevention. It cool to see how they come together with everything from crime prevention to trying to get a stop light put in at a busy intersection near our house.

We are now in the time of year I’m not a fan of… I hate that it gets dark so early! I love being outside but by the time Patrick get home it’s completely dark outside. I miss going to the park every evening as a family. I’m one of those people that crave the sunshine and heat. I love a good nighttime thunder storm but this all day drizzly rain that we have been getting sucks.


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