Jace’s Trip to the Zoo!

On Saturday we took Jace to the zoo for the first time. He LOVED it! he always likes going and walking around places and he loved seeing all the animals.  We loved seeing the look of amazement on his face when the monkeys were jumping around right in front of him.

Right when we walked through the entrance it started raining on us.  Jace was on top on Patrick’s shoulders and by the time we ducked into the aquarium room he was soaked! He was so excited about the rain, and it was pouring off of him and he kept bouncing around.  I’m pretty sure he thought he was in a big shower.

Patrick’s mom has a few fish tanks in her house and Jace has always like to look at the fishes. He was pretty excited to see the big fishes and a room full of tanks.  He also got to see a hippo in one of the tanks but since it wasn’t moving too much he didn’t really care about it.  He did like the two-headed turtle we got to see.


After the rain stop it was a lot cooler and the monkeys were jumping and playing.  Jace loved watching them. They didn’t have the petting zoo open which was kind of disappointing because we were looking forward to seeing Jace pet the goats.  I’m sure he will have a blast the next time we go.  We got a year pass since it was so much cheaper and it will give me somewhere to take Jace when Patrick is working.





One thought on “Jace’s Trip to the Zoo!

  1. He is such a cutie! I think he is a perfect blend of both your faces. I love to see children’s first time at the zoo as they take in all the wonder of the animals and things they might not have seen before. It really brings joy to the heart. 🙂

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