It’s Fall

The AC is broken again… Owning a home is great until something breaks and you have to figure out how to fix it. A few weeks ago it broke and luckily it was just some loose wires. Unfortunately this time it seems to be something more expensive. Hopefully it’s just a minor part that will be here tomorrow and not the more expensive part that we really can’t afford. Apparently if it’s the more expensive part you might as well replace the whole outside unit. I’m not sure how much that cost but I’m sure it’s not cheap! 

It’s not even that hot out compared to how hot Texas summers can be. We finally got a taste of fall. It still felt pretty warm when I was trying to sleep last night under a sheet with a nursing 22 month old rolling around in top of me like a puppy. 

I never would of thought I would still be breastfeeding her.  I’m torn between letting her self-wean or trying to take away the boobies. I do still see the benefit of breastmilk. This past week Patrick, Jace, and I were all sick but she was fine. I think she has only been sick twice in her whole life. 

I’m currently watching Jace play on the patio while Rylie is actually napping. She has never been a big napper so I sure enjoy them when they happen. I’m working on some Christmas designs that I’ll hopefully have ready soon.  

The kiddos dressed up clowns for Halloween. I’m pretty sure Jace only wanted to be a clown so he could have a squirt flower! But they made some cute clowns and had a lot of fun trick or treating. We have a few Halloween traditions. Carving pumpkins, making treats, and watching some Halloween movies. 

Let me know the traditions you have! I’m always interested in adding more to ours! 

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