I’m still here 

It’s been months since I last updated. I’ve thought about it several time but the longer it goes the harder it is to come back and write. 

I’m still here…

I have been crazy busy trying to get my small business going. I’m doing vinyl decals and crafts when I have any spare time. A few months ago we realized that there was no way we were going to be able to pay off all of our debt (Student loans and credit cards) with only one of us bringing in a paycheck. I decided to give working from home a try before sending the kiddos off to daycare. And so far it’s helping. 

Jace and Rylie are growing too fast. I just can’t keep up. Rylie is crawling and getting into everything. She even pulls herself up on things and tries to stand by herself. She is also still really needy. Are all breastfed babies like this? She also still has a hard time sleeping when not being held. Jace would go to sleep by himself anywhere and she eventually passes out when I’m nursing her. Any tips would be great! 

Jace is actually mostly potty trained! He wears undies all the time and has very few accidents. Patrick and I learned the hard way that when he says he has to go “bad bad bad” that he means it. 🙈  He doesn’t like it when I call him “my baby” anymore. It breaks my heart but one day he will realize that he is and always will be my baby. 

Since it is 2 in the morning I’ll keep it short. Hopefully this popped my writing bubble and I’ll update sooner. 

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