Easter 2015

Nothing super interesting has been going on. We are currently in the middle of a lot of little projects around the house. I have a huge amount of toys scattered around my living room so I finally decided that we need to fix up Jace’s room. Right now we have a desk and computer set up in there which we will be moving to the guest room. The guest room which is full of flea market stuff is being sorted and will be going to the garage soon. While I was pregnant we painted his room and set it up for him. After he was actually  born I was too scared to have him outta my sight so his room kind of became our office. 

But now Jace needs his own space and to be honest we need a full office. Patrick’s coin business is starting to take off and I really just need my own space to work that is toddler free. 

We are also starting to think about redoing our master bathroom. When that happens I’ll be able to blog about how we redid our floors and all this other fun stuff. If we don’t end up making a big mess. 🙂 

Our Easter was busy but fun. Jace had a blast playing with all of his cousins and their late night dance parties. 

This year he got to take part in hunting the eggs and he loved it! He did keep stopping to open each egg when he realized they had candy in them. It was  pretty funny. 



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