Right now I’m watching my newly one year old attack a box of Pampers and possibly eating lint off of the couch. At this moment he isn’t crawling all over my like a jungle gym so I glanced at Facebook and saw that one of our friends and his wife just got back from celebrating another anniversary on some island again. The hubby and I have our 4 year anniversary coming up in June and we still haven’t been on a real relaxing vacation together. I’m so jealous that they get to go somewhere EVERY YEAR! I know, I know it’s not good to be jealous but dang it we could really use a break. We have been talking about going on one for a while now but it hasn’t really been possible. We keep saying that this year is going to be the year we do something.
We know we want to go somewhere that we can take the baby and all have fun. A few quick searches on my mommy message board that I follow lead me to the idea of going on a Disney cruise. (The mommy on the message board had the cruise given to her! Who gives away cruises? WTH where do I sign up?) It seems so perfect. Family friendly, adult friendly, and seems fairly priced. GREAT! Until I read that they no longer depart out of Galveston and we would have to drive 18 HOURS to Florida with a baby who HATES the car with a passion. FAIL! Why?!? We are apparently a year too late. While we might have been able to afford the cruise we can not afford the extra $800+ to fly to Florida first. So now we are back to square one. Anyone have any good ideas where we can go that is baby friendly? We also only have about 4 days that we can be gone. Since the hubby works two jobs it’s impossible to take off a lot of time.

Update: We decided that we were going to go anyway and are planning on buying our tickets soon. I think we are aiming for September, it’s cheaper then and close to my birthday 🙂 We are planning on driving the 18 hours. Hopefully driving most of the way there without stopping for the night and on the way back we will stop and get a room in the middle. Anyone know if it’s better to rent a car or just drive your own? We are a little nervous about finding some where safe to leave our car while we are on the cruise.

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