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 When I was pregnant with Jace, I was positive that I was going to breastfeed and I wouldn’t need many bottles until he was older. What I didn’t know then was that he was going to be sent to the NICU and given a pacifier and bottles. When I started trying to breastfeed, he outright refused the majority of the time. What really happened was I pumped for 4 months and he was almost exclusively on bottles. This time I’m still hoping to breastfeed but I know now that I need to have bottles on hand in case it just doesn’t happen.

Like most expecting moms, I spend a lot of time researching and looking for the best baby products available. When I came across Chicco’s NaturalFit bottles, it immediately went on the list of baby must haves. They are designed to grow with the babies and change with their feeding styles. Chicco is also offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of their NaturalFit bottles. I love knowing that if the bottles don’t work out for my baby I can return the bottles for a full refund. For more details about the satisfaction guarantee you can visit


Chicco NaturalFit

Picking out Chicco NaturalFit Bottles

The bottles come in three different stages to adapt with the baby. The NaturalFit nipples are made with silicone and the shape and texture is designed to help ease the transition between breast and bottle.

Stage One – Newborn Flow

The stage one bottles are designed for newborns and available in 5 oz and 8 oz bottles. . They have a cool design with an angled nipple to help with latch and neck positioning. Since the nipple is angled it stays full of milk and reduces ingestion of air. It also features twin anti-colic valves to help prevent air ingestion, gas, and spit-up.

Stage Two – Adjustable Flow (Slow, Medium, or Fast)

Around 4 months of age babies with have better head and neck control and can move up to the stage two 8oz bottles . With these you can adjust the flow of the milk depending on the babies appetite. The nipple is no longer angled since the baby has better feeding skills.

Stage Three – Fast Flow

As your little one gets older, you can move up to the stage three fast flow bottles. They are a little bigger at 11 oz and designed for the babies’ increased suction strength. The base of the nipple is smaller and less rounded for tighter lip support and the nipple is elongated to encourage correct swallowing.

Chicco NaturalFit bottles

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Want to learn more about the Chicco NaturalFit bottles? Check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also look for their hashtag: #ChiccoNaturalFit 

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  1. Thank you for your post! My coworker is having a baby soon but she will not be able to stay home and she wants her baby to have her breastmilk. This looks like something she might need to invest in, I will definitely share this post with her! 🙂

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