Flea Market Sunday

Today we set up at the flea market. Well Patrick did. The kids and I hid in the car from the cold.  My vinyl decals have been selling well. I enjoy crafting and designing different things. And I’m glad that it’s helping with the bills. I’m hoping to help pay our credit cards down this year. We collected a lot of debt and student loans while in college and I’m hoping to put a big dent in it this year.[Read more]

Technically it’s after midnight so I missed a day but I haven’t went to bed yet so it doesn’t really count right?  Today we went to Lowes to buy a new Kitchen light. We have a horrible ugly fluorescent light in there and it has been flickering. We didn’t want to buy more lights for it since we hate it so we went and picked out a new setting for it. It’s gonna look pretty weird in there until we[Read more]

Tonight we have the fireplace going. We have had a few cooler days but I’m pretty sure this is the coldest weather we have had this winter. We were planning on going to visit family this weekend but we decided to stay in and keep warm.  Unless we get to play in the snow the cold is just not worth it. We have been randomly talking about taking a small trip to New Mexico since Jace keeps talking about snow.[Read more]

10 Things You Can Throw Out Right Now

Today Jace and I spent the afternoon taking all the ornaments and lights off the Christmas tree. I love having it up and would totally leave it up year round if the tree wouldn’t catch fire. And I need the room.  Well cleaning up got me thinking about all the stuff I want to do around the house. Most of which require Patrick to build something. So I made a honey-do list for him.  Lately I’ve been trying to declutter[Read more]

Is It Friday Yet?

Another day of no napping. 😖  As I’m sitting in the “baby jail” aka playpen with Rylie, Jace comes over with a piece of his Christmas candy and puts it in her mouth. She had been watching him open it through the holes of the gate.  She watches everything he does and already wants to do everything he does. She loves it when he plays with her and they also already love to pick on each other. In the car[Read more]

This is the 3rd day in a row that I’ve blogged! Pretty impressive since I had a total of 10 blog posts last year…  Today felt like a very long Monday. It’s 7pm and Rylie JUST NOW decided that she would FINALLY take a nap. She hasn’t napped at all today. Unlike Jace who was the best napper she will only take one a day if that.   It’s a good thing she’s cute…  Our day was pretty uneventful. We[Read more]

Free Time

This morning I woke up before everyone else which is surprising since Patrick and I stayed up till 5am watching movies together after the little ones went to bed. Usually Rylie or Jace wakes me before I’m ready to get up and we start our day. Today Patrick had the day off so I got up and was planning on just using the bathroom then head back to bed.  It was the first time in a while that I didn’t[Read more]


Another blogger I follow just posted that she was going to try to post every day of January to help her get back into blogging. I’ve decided to try too!  Yesterday we celebrated Christmas at our house with the kids. Every year on the 25th we are at Patrick’s mom so the kids can all open gifts together and play. They love it and it is awesome having them all together but I do miss having a Christmas at our[Read more]

Hello again…¬†

So after busting our butts we got to go on vacation! We just got off our magical Disney cruise last Friday and we are already looking towards another. I can’t recommend it enough.  Rylie turns 1 in just a few days!!! This year flew by. She now has 6 teeth! The top 4 came in all at once right before our cruise. She is very close to walking.  Jace is currently sick. Poor boy has a bad cough and a[Read more]

I’m still here¬†

It’s been months since I last updated. I’ve thought about it several time but the longer it goes the harder it is to come back and write.  I’m still here… I have been crazy busy trying to get my small business going. I’m doing vinyl decals and crafts when I have any spare time. A few months ago we realized that there was no way we were going to be able to pay off all of our debt (Student loans[Read more]