Back to Normal 

I’ve missed a ton of days. All of our days ran together and the only thing we seemed to be able to keep track of was who needed Advil next. Jace bounced back pretty quickly. Rylie on the other hand stayed sick for a while and even now has a little cough.  It’s now February. How crazy that a whole month of 2017 has already gone by.  Here’s hoping February is better.  Jace has been having night terrors almost every[Read more]

The kids got it

The kids got it. 🙁 Everyone is now sick. Patrick is feeling a little better and now my headache is gone. Fever is still around. Poor babies are having the worst of it now. Fever that won’t go away. I’m alternating Tylenol and Advil trying to keep it down. Next dose is at 1am.  Today I made a cup of coffee. The only problem is I forgot the cup… I have spilled coffee all over my counters. I put a[Read more]

Another flea market Sunday

I’m sitting in the car at the flea market. Rylie is finally taking a nap. We are selling quite a bit despite the rain. We almost didn’t come. I think we all wanted to sleep a little longer this morning.  We will probably only stay a little longer then pack up. I’m planning on making fajitas for dinner later and possibly getting the kids to bed earlier so I can work on a wood sign. I’m really wanting to expand[Read more]

11 years

I missed two days in a row! 🙈  Yesterday we went out to eat at Salt Grass. It was nice but the service was extremely slow. Usually they are great so hopefully they were just having an off day. We decided to skip waiting for them to bring us a piece of cheesecake. Possibly could have been waiting all night. So we stopped by Walmart on the way home and picked one up.  Yesterday was Friday the 13th. And exactly[Read more]

Messy Beautiful Day

I’m going to keep this post short. Today was good but messy day. We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather the past two days by playing outside. Rylie wants to eat dirt and grass and whatever else she can grab. Jace found a muddy dirt pile and managed to get mud all of the kitchen and dining room floor. It was messy and difficult but a Good day.  Now I’m laying with Patrick in bed watching Bones on[Read more]

Tiana’s Place on the Reimagined Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder recently got a major update. We were lucky enough to be one of the first few cruises out of Galveston on it. It was simply amazing. One of the new additions was Tiana’s Place.  It was my favorite restaurant out of the 3 restaurants part of the rotational dining. The atmosphere was upbeat and very kid friendly. Jace LOVED all the dancing and live music. And it was beautiful.  Since we went on a 7 night cruise[Read more]

Today I’m continuing cleaning and organizing and just plain throwing stuff out. I don’t know how we managed to collect so much crap over the years.  Also babies make cleaning hard. I swear it’s almost a workout just to load the washing machine one handed. Especially when she decides to try to pull out stuff when you are putting it in. Go ahead and try to put her down…she immediately becomes possessed and screams and throws her head towards the[Read more]

Flea Market Sunday

Today we set up at the flea market. Well Patrick did. The kids and I hid in the car from the cold.  My vinyl decals have been selling well. I enjoy crafting and designing different things. And I’m glad that it’s helping with the bills. I’m hoping to help pay our credit cards down this year. We collected a lot of debt and student loans while in college and I’m hoping to put a big dent in it this year.[Read more]

Technically it’s after midnight so I missed a day but I haven’t went to bed yet so it doesn’t really count right?  Today we went to Lowes to buy a new Kitchen light. We have a horrible ugly fluorescent light in there and it has been flickering. We didn’t want to buy more lights for it since we hate it so we went and picked out a new setting for it. It’s gonna look pretty weird in there until we[Read more]