Little Update

I should be packing! We leave on Friday for a little roadtrip. 7 years ago Patrick and I went on a honeymoon roadtrip and since we just had our anniversary we decided to do it again! Should be interesting with the kiddos…  We are doing good. Jace is getting more grown up every day and Rylie tries to do EVERYTHING he does. 

Jace is now 4! My mind still can’t wrap around that it’s been 4 years since I became a mom. In some ways it feels like I’ve been a mom for a lot longer than that but when I think of it as Jace turning 4 it’s like NOOO!  He has grown so much this year. He is potty trained, we finally ditched the pacifier 🙈, and he stopped sucking his finger on his own. I stopped cutting his bananas[Read more]


When you have a child in pain you would do just about anything to help them find relief fast. Unfortunately sometimes getting them in to see a doctor is anything but fast. I recently came across a neat product to help with earaches.  My toddler has earaches a few times a year. Luckily we haven’t had one recently but I’m glad I have a few of these in stock for when he does!  ClearPop is basically a yummy sucker that[Read more]

Backyard Fun

Yesterday we worked on the backyard. Mowed and tilled the garden. We are making it a little bigger this year. Hopefully the squash will be a little more shaded so they don’t get scorched by the sun like they did last year. I’m hoping to pick up some more plants and seeds this evening.  We also set up the fire pit we won a few years ago! 😂 And then we burned our chopped up Christmas tree and branches that[Read more]

Hello March

I’ve thought about writing for a few days now but I’ve been watching Shameless on Netflix instead. 🙈 It’s a horrible show but so addicting! I watch it during nap time and after the kiddos go to sleep!  We had a tummy bug last week. Luckily it only got me and Rylie.  Rylie is now a WALKER! After taking a few steps here and there since she was 10 months old she is walking. We also bought her some new[Read more]

Back to Normal 

I’ve missed a ton of days. All of our days ran together and the only thing we seemed to be able to keep track of was who needed Advil next. Jace bounced back pretty quickly. Rylie on the other hand stayed sick for a while and even now has a little cough.  It’s now February. How crazy that a whole month of 2017 has already gone by.  Here’s hoping February is better.  Jace has been having night terrors almost every[Read more]

The kids got it

The kids got it. 🙁 Everyone is now sick. Patrick is feeling a little better and now my headache is gone. Fever is still around. Poor babies are having the worst of it now. Fever that won’t go away. I’m alternating Tylenol and Advil trying to keep it down. Next dose is at 1am.  Today I made a cup of coffee. The only problem is I forgot the cup… I have spilled coffee all over my counters. I put a[Read more]

Another flea market Sunday

I’m sitting in the car at the flea market. Rylie is finally taking a nap. We are selling quite a bit despite the rain. We almost didn’t come. I think we all wanted to sleep a little longer this morning.  We will probably only stay a little longer then pack up. I’m planning on making fajitas for dinner later and possibly getting the kids to bed earlier so I can work on a wood sign. I’m really wanting to expand[Read more]

11 years

I missed two days in a row! 🙈  Yesterday we went out to eat at Salt Grass. It was nice but the service was extremely slow. Usually they are great so hopefully they were just having an off day. We decided to skip waiting for them to bring us a piece of cheesecake. Possibly could have been waiting all night. So we stopped by Walmart on the way home and picked one up.  Yesterday was Friday the 13th. And exactly[Read more]