Perfect New Year

We rang in the new year at home…and it was perfect for us. At midnight we walked out to the patio to see people around the city shooting fireworks.  All three of us wrapped up in a blanket, listening to Jace’s eeeewwwws and aaahhhs. For New Years we stayed in the house all day. It was in the 30s all day and we stayed in and snuggled.  We made a huge pallet on the floor and watched movies and played[Read more]


I’ve never really made any New Year resolutions before, mostly because I’ve always thought there were kind of stupid. Why wait until the next year to start what you know you need to do? But there are some things that I really want to start doing more over the next year and maybe if I write them down on here I’ll be more motivated to do more of them.  I’m I going to start first thing tomorrow morning? Heck no,[Read more]

Cooler Weather

Yesterday it hit me that summer was really over. In Texas it always feels like summer lasts longer here and its one of the things I love. The weather has been getting cooler in the low 80’s during the day which is kind of nice but I’m going to miss the long warm summer nights.  I love the sunshine and unless it snows in Texas the cold is just not worth it. I HATE that with the time change it[Read more]

Peter Pan Halloween

Last Friday was Jace’s second Halloween.  We decided to dress up as a family and thought it wouldn’t be that hard to make most of the costumes.  Jace was Peter Pan and his was the easiest to make. I would tell anyone to just make their own Peter Pan costume. I took an oversized plain green shirt that I bought from Goodwill and cut it. I looked up several examples of how to make a simple hat and it was[Read more]

Pushing Boundaries

Jace can no longer be contained anywhere…not in his pack n play, or any other baby safe places that we set up around the house. Turn away for a second and he is laying on the back of the couch laughing about to land on the other side while mommy rushes to grab a leg or an arm before it disappears on the other side. And he thinks it’s hilarious. Of course, he hasn’t actually landed on the other side[Read more]

Loss and Life

My grandma has been gone a week. A whole week and I still don’t really believe it. Yesterday we buried her ashes. And when I say we buried her, I really mean WE actually buried her. I didn’t know it was actually possible to do it ourselves but I guess when there isn’t an actual body they let you do it however you want. We even dug the hole. Well Patrick, my little brother Frank, and my cousins hubby dug[Read more]

Fun in the Sun!

Last Wednesday we took Jace to Schlitterbahn. He. Had. A. Blast. Patrick and I had season passes a few years ago and decided we would have more fun taking Jace and not going on any big rides.  We also HATE lines so we probably wouldn’t have gone on them anyway. The first thing we took him on was the raging river tube shoot.  Those of you that have been to Schlitterbahn know that it  is the longest ride there.  It is[Read more]

Patrick’s Birthday

Today is my amazing hubby’s birthday! Jace and I are planning a few surprises for him tonight. We are also eating dinner at Saltgrass tonight, YUMMY! Here’s the update! This is what Jace made for daddy! He was super excited to play with paint and while his handprint isn’t perfect we LOVE it!! As you can see he also liked playing with the canvas. Lol Dinner was nice. Jace was in a good mood and was pretty happy the whole[Read more]

Weekend fun

On Saturday we set up a booth at the flea market again. It was pretty nice. It wasn’t too hot and Jace did really well considering he refused to nap there. It is always the things we don’t think will sell that goes first. After the flea market was the mad rush to go home unload and pack and reload the car to go fishing. We did pretty good, the only things forgotten was a cell phone charger and the[Read more]

Is it Friday Yet?

It not even noon and I already want to go back to bed. I guess it is just one of those days. So far I’ve already had to give Jace a bath and wash the bedding.  Jace is having a hard time adjusting to milk and lets just say he REALLY needed that bath this morning… Jace is getting more teeth in so he hasn’t been in the best of moods so I was really looking forward to nap time.[Read more]