Family Fun

Yesterday we actually got to have a little family fun. For the past few weekends either Patrick or I have been sick so we haven’t been doing much. Yesterday we ended up all going to the store together which doesn’t happen too much anymore. Nothing too exciting except I got a free Starbucks drink and both kids were good. Who doesn’t love free Starbucks and when your kids are good in public? Woohoo! Rylie loves being worn and went to[Read more]

9 weeks old

It feels like for the past few weeks the button for our life has been stuck on fast forward. We have had a lot going on the past few weeks and have been super unorganized and busy. First Rylie is now 9 WEEKS old! Where that time went I will never know. She is starting to get rolls which I’m pretty proud to say is all from me. Breastfeeding is going well. It is totally different from how hard it[Read more]

And Then There Were Four…

On December 23rd, at exactly 39 weeks miss Rylie Beth Munson joined our little family. I will try to get her birth story up soon. 🙂 So that is why I’ve been MIA lately…. Everything around here has been slightly more chaotic but she has fit right in. Jace has been great with her and acts like she has always been apart of our daily routine. I was worried he would have problems with sharing my attention during the day[Read more]


Thanksgiving has already came and passed. Tomorrow is the first day of December! (Ok now it’s today since it took me 2 days to finish this!) We spent the holiday visiting family, eating good food, waking up on a deflated air mattress, and probably spending too much on Jace’s Christmas presents on Black Friday.      We spent Saturday resting and went to pick out our tree late that afternoon. Jace was so excited and couldn’t stop talking about putting[Read more]

Wurstfest Fun

This weekend kind of sucked. I started coming down with a cold on Saturday and by Sunday I felt horrible. I spent most of the day lying around or sleeping. We didn’t get anything done around the house. I hate being sick when we could be doing stuff as a family but I’m glad that Patrick was there to help. Friday was actually a lot of fun. We went to Wurstfest like we do every year. Jace really enjoyed it[Read more]

Long Week

Yesterday I think I finally got my wordpress app working again. For awhile it hasn’t let me save or upload any postings. Since I do most of my blogging on my phone it slowed things down. I just finished with my 32 week appointment! I go again in another two weeks but it seems she might have finally flipped head down. I’m getting an ultrasound at 36 weeks to check her growth and and to make sure she is head[Read more]

Spider-man Halloween

Time has been flying by… I’ll be 32 weeks on Wednesday and we aren’t ready at all. We have been so busy with doctors appointments, work, and all the other little projects we have going on we haven’t gotten much done around the house. When I was pregnant with Jace we had everything planned. This time it feels like everything is up in the air. We STILL haven’t decided on a name. We seem to be stuck between two that we[Read more]

3 Hour Glucose Test

Yesterday I had to take the 3 hour glucose test. I read before hand that some women get sick but didn’t think too much of it. Patrick decided to come with me. I think I made him nervous by telling him about how people had trouble keeping it down. Well it was a good thing he took off work and came.  About 30 minutes after drinking the horrible fruit punch flavored drink and my first blood draw I started to[Read more]

28 Weeks

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant! Where did the time go? Tomorrow I have my glucose test and doctor appointment to check on the baby. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately except for getting a little light headed occasionally. Last week when I was having trouble sleeping I realized how quickly she will be here and started my “to do” list. I’m a list maker and its huge. Poor Patrick has a lot of work to do! lol Some of[Read more]