Letter To My Son On His 2nd Birthday

I’ve been wanting to write this for a few days now but we have been so busy. It is a few days past your birthday but I wanted to share it anyway. Plus we are still singing you happy birthday every day since you enjoy it so much! Jace I can not believe how fast these two years have gone by! I hope one day you can read this and understand for yourself what it means. You are truly amazing[Read more]

How Did Two Years Go By So Fast?

Jace turns two this Thursday. Saturday we had a birthday party for him at the park. He had a lot of fun. I stayed up late Friday making a minion birthday cake for him. At first I had planned on making a Lego cake but we changed it at the last minute. Jace saw a minion piñata at Target and freaked out so we decided to change his theme. Unfortunately the cake did not survive the 1.5 hour trip so[Read more]

Easter 2015

Nothing super interesting has been going on. We are currently in the middle of a lot of little projects around the house. I have a huge amount of toys scattered around my living room so I finally decided that we need to fix up Jace’s room. Right now we have a desk and computer set up in there which we will be moving to the guest room. The guest room which is full of flea market stuff is being sorted[Read more]

5k Fun

Nothing too exciting has been going on. Yesterday Patrick and I did a 5k. The first mile was easier than I thought it was going to be. Unfortunately around the 2 mile marker Jace decided that he didn’t want to be in the stroller anymore so we took turns carrying him. It was pretty slow but somehow Patrick ended up getting 5th in his division and I ended up getting 3rd in mine. After we all came home and took[Read more]

Sick Toddler = No Fun

If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know Jace has been sick. It was a rough week. Last Tuesday Jace woke up from his nap with a fever. Advil brought it down but by Wednesday evening it had gotten much worse. Still had a fever with Advil and I started alternating it with Tylenol. He was crying, holding his ears, and wouldn’t play. Most of the day was spent laying in my lap. Thursday at the doctors, we[Read more]

Zoo Fun and Potty Training

Well I’m happy to report that we are FINALLY are feeling better. Except for some annoying leftover coughing everyone is feeling better. We got out of the house on Saturday and took Jace to the zoo. Jace loved it and he had a ton of fun walking around since we decided to leave the stroller at home.  He did pretty good except for one time when he decided that he would rather sit on the ground then walk while holding[Read more]

Perfect New Year

We rang in the new year at home…and it was perfect for us. At midnight we walked out to the patio to see people around the city shooting fireworks.  All three of us wrapped up in a blanket, listening to Jace’s eeeewwwws and aaahhhs. For New Years we stayed in the house all day. It was in the 30s all day and we stayed in and snuggled.  We made a huge pallet on the floor and watched movies and played[Read more]


I’ve never really made any New Year resolutions before, mostly because I’ve always thought there were kind of stupid. Why wait until the next year to start what you know you need to do? But there are some things that I really want to start doing more over the next year and maybe if I write them down on here I’ll be more motivated to do more of them.  I’m I going to start first thing tomorrow morning? Heck no,[Read more]

Cooler Weather

Yesterday it hit me that summer was really over. In Texas it always feels like summer lasts longer here and its one of the things I love. The weather has been getting cooler in the low 80’s during the day which is kind of nice but I’m going to miss the long warm summer nights.  I love the sunshine and unless it snows in Texas the cold is just not worth it. I HATE that with the time change it[Read more]

Peter Pan Halloween

Last Friday was Jace’s second Halloween.  We decided to dress up as a family and thought it wouldn’t be that hard to make most of the costumes.  Jace was Peter Pan and his was the easiest to make. I would tell anyone to just make their own Peter Pan costume. I took an oversized plain green shirt that I bought from Goodwill and cut it. I looked up several examples of how to make a simple hat and it was[Read more]