Back to Normal 

I’ve missed a ton of days. All of our days ran together and the only thing we seemed to be able to keep track of was who needed Advil next. Jace bounced back pretty quickly. Rylie on the other hand stayed sick for a while and even now has a little cough. 

It’s now February. How crazy that a whole month of 2017 has already gone by.  Here’s hoping February is better. 

Jace has been having night terrors almost every night since he had a fever. He never fully wakes up and just screams and cries for about 2 minutes. Apparently they are pretty common in toddles but it’s kinda nerve racking when it happens. His eyes are open but he doesn’t seem to know I’m there and doesn’t remember it in the morning. 

My mom and brother are moving out this weekend after living with us a year. The first thing I’m doing is dragging all of the kids toys out of my living room and into their room.  It’s nice seeing them all the time but I like my space and after living on top of each other for a year I’m pretty excited. This weekend we will be helping them move and next weekend major deep cleaning my house! 

Yesterday we took the kids to the park! They LOVED it! 

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