Weekend fun

On Saturday we set up a booth at the flea market again. It was pretty nice. It wasn’t too hot and Jace did really well considering he refused to nap there. It is always the things we don’t think will sell that goes first. After the flea market was the mad rush to go home unload and pack and reload the car to go fishing. We did pretty good, the only things forgotten was a cell phone charger and the[Read more]

Is it Friday Yet?

It not even noon and I already want to go back to bed. I guess it is just one of those days. So far I’ve already had to give Jace a bath and wash the bedding.  Jace is having a hard time adjusting to milk and lets just say he REALLY needed that bath this morning… Jace is getting more teeth in so he hasn’t been in the best of moods so I was really looking forward to nap time.[Read more]

Flea market fun

Yesterday we went to the flea market and actually set up a booth. It was really fun but it did rain on us. We have been talking about setting up a booth for years and have never got around to it. We sold some of our old junk, along with some of my art work, and Patrick’s coins. For those of you that don’t know, Patrick has a huge coin addiction. Lol He’s one of those nerdy coin collectors he[Read more]

Go Spurs!!!

Even before we lived in San Antonio we were big Spurs fans. But living here during the finals is pretty cool. There is so much team pride in San Antonio. My Facebook is flooded with memes after the Spurs win last night. Here are a few of my favorite ones that I saw. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


While most days are filled with tickle fights and smiles some days can be hard. When Jace is fussy, or tired, or just doesn’t feel good our days can be kind of rough. Patrick works two jobs so of most days it’s just me and Jace. Today I decided to get the grocery shopping out of the way before Patrick got home. BIG MISTAKE! Most of the time we go together but then it is so late by the time[Read more]

Easy Crock Pot Jalapeno Mac and Cheese

So yesterday I attempted to make Mac and Cheese for the first time. It came out pretty good and it was soooo easy to make. Yesterday was me and Patrick’s 4th anniversary. We have been so busy running around lately that we decided to stay home tonight and go out to dinner on Saturday when he is off. So we had sausage and mac and cheese. There is a small place by Patrick’s work that always puts jalapeno in the[Read more]

Crock Pot Pork Pot Roast

Last night we had pork pot roast for dinner.  I’ve said this before but i love how easy crock pot meals can be.  You can just throw it together in the morning or at nap time and it will be ready when things are getting busy around dinner time. Crock Pot Pork Pot Roast Pork Roast potatoes Carrots Lemon Pepper Salt Beef Broth It’s so easy just put the pork roast in the crock pot, sprinkle with lemon pepper and[Read more]

Jace’s Trip to the Zoo!

On Saturday we took Jace to the zoo for the first time. He LOVED it! he always likes going and walking around places and he loved seeing all the animals.  We loved seeing the look of amazement on his face when the monkeys were jumping around right in front of him. Right when we walked through the entrance it started raining on us.  Jace was on top on Patrick’s shoulders and by the time we ducked into the aquarium room[Read more]

Why blog?

I’m not a writer.  I suck at spelling and grammar.  But I’ve always liked writing down my thoughts and I’m always writing Patrick little notes.  Patrick and I have even started writing letters to Jace in the cards we get him for holidays.  We hope to keep doing it every year and that one day he will love reading them. I’ve always followed a few peoples blogs and when I had Jace I started following even more! I liked knowing[Read more]

Ispy May 2014 Review

Yay! I’m so excited that I got my first Ispy bag in on Thursday! For those of you that don’t know, Ispy is a subscription makeup box that sends you 4 or 5 items to try every month. I signed up because I wanted to build up my makeup collection and try out new things.  I’m not really makeup savvy and usually just wear the basics when I wear makeup at all. I love all the new makeup styles that[Read more]