Arms always full 

In my head I write blog posts all the time. In reality it never happens. True be told I’m debating between writing this one or going to sleep. I just got Patrick off to work and the babies are still sleeping on the bed. Jace is lightly snoring his hair wild and Rylie is still sucking even though her pacifier isn’t in her mouth anymore. Her cheeks though… They make me melt. 

During the day my arms are always full. Rylie like to always be held up where she can see or play with toys. Even when I put her down I have to be by her to make sure Jace doesn’t somehow land on her with his crazy toddler superpowers. When she isn’t in my arms Jace is. Usually to have something kissed when his toddler superpowers fail him and he trips over his feet or falls off of something he was climbing. Or for 2 minutes of snuggles because I can tell he really misses my full attention. The other moments I’m throwing together a hopefully semi healthy meal for Jace.  Before I can make mine Rylie demands to be held again so I shove an Oreo in my mouth when Jace isn’t looking and go get her. That counts as lunch right? 

This time with them is so short even if the days seem long. Soon Jace won’t want me to hold him at all and as Rylie’s chunky cheeks fade she will need me less. 

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