And Then There Were Four…

On December 23rd, at exactly 39 weeks miss Rylie Beth Munson joined our little family.

I will try to get her birth story up soon. 🙂

So that is why I’ve been MIA lately….

Everything around here has been slightly more chaotic but she has fit right in. Jace has been great with her and acts like she has always been apart of our daily routine. I was worried he would have problems with sharing my attention during the day but he has done great!

Since thing are finally starting to settle down around here after her arrive and the holidays, I’m hoping to update more regularly.

5 thoughts on “And Then There Were Four…

  1. Your newest precious peanut has the “Hope” lip that was made famous by my maternal Grandmother.I have it,my daughters have it and now my grand babies have it.So happy for the strength of this gene and the weakness of some others.

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