A Letter To My Daughter On Her 2nd Birthday

Oh my sweet Christmas baby. You turned two just two days before Christmas. I wrote Jace a letter for his 2nd Birthday and I wanted to do the same for you.

Rylie you are Mommy’s baby, Daddy’s Monster, and Jace’s princess and you never let us forget it.

You are so smart. You say tons of words and are already saying full sentences. You surprised us every day by how well you are at communicating. Jace didn’t really start talking until right before you were born.

Lately you have been quite the sassy little one. You know what you want and don’t settle until you get it. You are quick to say no and wipe off any kisses when you aren’t getting what you want.

You LOVE playing with your big brother. You want to do everything he does and when he tells you that you are too little you are quick to show everyone how big you are. I’m not sure how you will feel about him when you are older but right now he is your best friend.

You LOVE your boobies… While I’m proud of how long we have been on our breastfeeding journey I have been trying to cut you off some. You are very demanding boobie eater. When you want them you want them now.

It somehow feels like you are growing up twice as fast as your

You are the most perfect little girl. I am so thankful that you are mine. Every single morning you tell me “Good morning, Mama!” And then you pout if Daddy is at work. When he is home you look over excitedly and exclaim that Daddy is home!

My littlest love, you inspire me to be better. You watch everything I do and I hope that I am teaching you what is important in life. I can’t imagine my life without your silly little self dancing around.

And you LOVE to dance! Your always spinning and dancing in the kitchen with Jace and I.

You make my days wild and I can’t wait to see who you grow up to be. But for now, please let me hold you a little longer and don’t wipe away all of my kisses ok?

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