9 weeks old

It feels like for the past few weeks the button for our life has been stuck on fast forward. We have had a lot going on the past few weeks and have been super unorganized and busy.

First Rylie is now 9 WEEKS old! Where that time went I will never know. She is starting to get rolls which I’m pretty proud to say is all from me. Breastfeeding is going well. It is totally different from how hard it was with Jace. It diffinatly has it’s challenges but I’m pretty happy with how it is going. I will say Mastits sucks and I never thought my boob would make me feel like I was dying.

Rylie is starting to show more of her personality. She is a lot like Jace in many ways but her diffrences stand out to me. They really do look pretty similar. The same round face. Almost the same nose. Hers is a little more like Patrick’s. She isn’t quite as pale as Jace and I. Right now she looks like she might have more of Patrick’s skin tone. Her hair is darker than Jace’s hair but she is losing it just like he did. She is more sleepy that he was. He was very alert to everything around him and we even got a lot of comments about it. She is waking up more lately. Quite often she is most awake between 11 pm and 2 am! I tell everyone it is because she just wants to stay up and watch Netflix with me. She likes to be held more than Jace did. He was pretty content wherever you put him during the day. She doesn’t like to sleep flat and would rather fall asleep with me feeding her. While she is fussy in the evenings it’s not like Jace. Jace had what we called his screaming time. He would scream every night from 7-11. We knew to get everything we had to do done before that time. It was hard at first but it got easier and his colic got shorter and shorter the older he got. She doesn’t scream horribly like he did and so far is easy to soothe. She just won’t sleep till 2 am! 

Jace tells everyone that she is his baby and argue with me that he wants TWO babies! He tells me he wants two Rylies all the time. The loving and wanting all the babies is definitely a male Munson trait. Patrick comes from a big family and would honestly love it if I was up to having 6 kids. 😳 

Jace has been pretty good lately. He had some tummy issues last week but it didn’t keep him down. Nap time has went out the window the past few weeks and there are moments where you can tell a nap would be greatly helpful to his mood. Overall he is very helpful during the day with Rylie and loves to help with everything including laundry and dishes….some of his “help” is more helpful than others. 😄 

My mom decided she was going to move to be closer to us. She is currently staying with us and it has been nice having extra help with my crazy monkeys while Patrick is at work. She has already found a job by us and is starting to look for a house nearby. Jace is super excited about being here and I am too. Patrick and I have lived at least an hour away from our families since we started college. It is nice having someone close by. 

That’s all I have time for for now. 🙂 


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  1. Such beautiful children. The baby does look like a little chunk. The camera likes her. I am glad breastfeeding is going so well for you. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing

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