28 Weeks

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant! Where did the time go? Tomorrow I have my glucose test and doctor appointment to check on the baby. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately except for getting a little light headed occasionally. Last week when I was having trouble sleeping I realized how quickly she will be here and started my “to do” list. I’m a list maker and its huge. Poor Patrick has a lot of work to do! lol

Some of the harder projects are also the ones on the top of the list and unfortunately the ones I can’t actually be much help on. Last winter our downstairs master bathroom busted a pipe under the tile. It then made the tile in there buckle and we stopped using it. The tile would have to almost be completely removed from a large area to fix the issue so we didn’t fix it. It wasn’t a big deal just using the upstairs bathroom but now that I’m getting bigger and Jace uses the potty a lot it is getting moved to the top of the list. We hate all the tile that they picked for the house and we want to replace it. The styles that we like our too expensive for our budget so we started searching for alternatives. After looking at a lot of ideas we decided just to stain the concrete. It is a look we have always like just been a little nervous to try. But we are hoping to get that started within the next few weeks.

Jace has been a lot more interested in helping us do things. He “helps” me make meals everyday. It takes twice as long but I’m glad he is so interested. He now has a stool he can use to see and help in the kitchen with. The plus side is that I now make sure to clean the counter off everyday… 🙂 We are enjoying the cooler weather and have been going to the park several times a week. I know our time is limited because soon it will start getting dark before Patrick makes it home.

28 weeks

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