I haven’t written in a while. Jace and Rylie have been keeping me busy along with all the things that keep breaking around the house. Since I last updated we had to fix a busted pipe that was pouring water out of our garage. FYI digging a hole in your concrete slab in your garage isn’t too hard. Patrick is pretty handy lol. 

We haven’t been setting up at the Flea Market recently. Patrick has been having classes Friday-Sunday to help him pass his big engineering test. I really hope he can pass it. He has been extremely busy with work lately. Putting in a ton of hours with trips to sites and working when he is at home. He flies so much now he is even on the A list on Southwest. I’m hoping with an upgraded title he will be rewarded and get paid for all the time he has been putting into all of his projects. 

My business adventures have been doing well. It is a little slower not being able to advertise at the flea market. It exciting having a lot of orders but it is frustrating spending so much time packaging everything to ship every night. I think we are going to start scheduling postal pick ups instead of taking everything to the post office every day. 

Well off to do some more orders! 

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